Last Week, New Layout and New Domain

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Didn't get a chance to blog over the weekend and as you can probably see i've made a few changes to the site so i'm going to wrap it all up in this post.

Last week wasn't much better to be honest. Two losses to add to the current run. Simply not good enough at the moment. As always, i'll endeavour to improve upon this, I already have some thoughts and ideas.

On to the two trades. Both of which were sell positions on EUR/USD. One chart for both of the trades, all the information annotated on the chart.

Trade 1 & 2 - EUR/USD 1hr PnF

The below chart shows an alternate view based on the cumulative volume, two high volume zones below us. There's also a further projected price target of 1.2860. We've had two 1hr targets hit already at 1.3250 and 1.3230. The 4hr target was hit during NFP and the next target is another 1hr. The more targets you take the less likely they become. The last projected target from a trend will always be missed as the trend changes. The question is, is it this one?

 Alternative view - EUR/USD Cumulative Volume Zones

As all of you reading can see, i've decided to change the layout again. Yes, I know, I do this a lot. I can hear you groaning from here! But I quite like this one. Considerably more simple than the last one and it loads a lot faster. I've also created my own domain name. I thought it was about time, plus it makes it look slightly more professional!

So, welcome to!



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