The State of Kinsale Forex Trading

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Last year, out of around 260 trading days I posted an entry for 212 of those. My busiest blogging year to date. It showed, views increased daily, weekly and monthly and I started getting a lot more comments (as well as spam!) Comments are always appreciated and I enjoy conversing with other traders around Blogger and Wordpress. But i've recently come to realise something, whilst it may increase my views, it doesn't increase my account size.

So, as you may have noticed, i'm far less active on here at the moment. From now on I think i'm going to just do a weekly round up on Friday or Saturday of each week and go from there. I feel I have a good thing going with the Point and Figure and Volume combination at the moment. I feel confident when i'm taking trades and i'm having very little if any emotional reaction to losing positions. It's a fantastic feeling. Now i'm going to build on this.

I'm not much of a Redditor but I came across an AMA with Chris Hadfield on board the ISS and there was one question and in particular the answer that he gave that really struck a chord with me. I feel the answer can easily be applied to any field. Including trading.

It's very early days but i've started sharing what i'm doing with another trader. Teaching, if you will. Now, some of you might think that i'm in no position to teach anyone. You might be right. But I firmly believe in the idea of learning through teaching. He might spot something that hadn't occurred to me before. He's completely free to question anything that i'm doing. He's able to put me on the spot and defend / explain what i'm doing. Which he has done a couple of times already! So far it has been very beneficial for me.

I am going to put as much time into making my methodology work between now and what is a new and exciting date in my calendar on the 24th June this year.

So what's happening on the 24th of June?

I've made murmurings on here about it in the past but i've finally gone and booked it. A six month trip to South East Asia! Leaving Dublin on the 24th of June this year and back on the 7th January 2014. It's something i've thought about a lot recently and i'm really excited to have it booked. Even if I wanted to, there's no going back now!

So between now and when I leave I have a target in mind for my account as well as developing, making any necessary tweaks and finalising a solid strategy that is working consistently. I feel that i'm very close if not at this point already but i'm giving myself this time before leaving to make sure it is.

I may use my phone to do a bit of trading whilst i'm away but with no functional Android app for Point and Figure, I can't see this becoming a reality. Honestly, i'm looking forward to the break, doing a lot of exploring and getting away from sitting in front of screens.

So that's where I am and that is the state of Kinsale Forex Trading for the foreseeable future.



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