Another PnF Long

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I intended to write this post yesterday but I evidently didn't get around to doing it.

I started my last blog post with a 1hr PnF chart after an attempted long position. Despite my chatter in the last post, I took another long set up that appeared. This one has fared much better than the first.


My first attempt at a long was stopped out as the resistance at this price was too strong, we got another sell signal overnight but it interested me that this was immediately reversed (even more interesting was the fact it bounced off one the volume zone lows) and we returned to this area. Once the next buy signal printed I decided to try again. It took a while to trigger but I was taken into the trade on Wednesday night and I held it all through yesterday as well. I'm aiming for the vertical PnF box count target of 1.2950. 

It has been quite whippy this morning with the German news and return from holidays etc. I moved to break even before I went to bed last night and so far this morning I've locked in a small bit of profit just below the first 3 box reversal after the buy signal. It's only 15 pips so it would be a shame to get stopped here after being up 75 or so. But I guess that's all part of the game!

Hope everyone is well. 



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