I'm Back!

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Finally got my broadband connection in the new apartment on Friday. In the mean time I upgraded my computer to Windows 7, which i'm quite happy with so far. Once I had the connection I spent my free time over the weekend getting everything downloaded and got my charts up to date as well.

 Not the best picture in the world..

It was great to have access again this morning. Didn't take any trades though. I spent the majority of the day looking into the first three chapters of Wide Range Bar analysis that's available from The Strategy Lab. I've been introduced to it through the VSA Forum and have decided to start looking into it to see if it's the missing piece. From what i've read so far i'm already sure that it will soon be incorporated into my strategy.

That's it for now, just a quick update to let people know i'm still alive.

I'll get back to annotating charts and putting them up soon enough.





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