Thursday 1st December - Missed Trade

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Slept in this morning and missed a beautiful set up on EUR/USD 5min. Had to share this even though I missed it, if only I could get trades as clear as this every day! Being awake for them would be a start as well.

EUR/USD 5min



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  1. any reason why you switched from mt4?

  2. I was never using MT4, i was on Tradeguider the whole time.

    Data feed was costing too much for what it was and Sierra was very comparable to eSignal, almost identical, for a quarter of the price. And sierra has point and figure.

  3. I meant to say tradeguider. How much is sierra feed?

  4. I was paying $120 a month for the esignal (no comment!)

    Sierra offer three packages, at $19, $26 and $45 per month. I'm on package 2 - $26 for a couple of extra features I wanted.

    Also, it's cheaper if you buy in bulk. For instance if you bought a 12 month / 1 year subscription to the $19 package it works out around $14 per month. Quite happy to spend that money.