12 Months Part 2

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Continuing from where I left off earlier on, I want to talk about some other factors that contribute to and affect my trading. I touched on a couple of these areas in my 6 months blog but I would also like to talk about them again.

I've often tried to weigh up or decide which is more important when it comes to trading. The initial analysis we make and the reading of the chart or actually placing / managing the trade once our emotions have kicked in? For me I think it's the confidence side of things. I feel i'm well able to read a chart and i'm very confident in the techniques and methods that i'm using to do this. On many occasions this year it is my own confidence once i'm in a trade that has been my downfall. As I mentioned in part 1 earlier, I need to go back and see how many times i've said "it would've hit the target!" So for the upcoming year that is and has to be my main focus. Whilst I have improved since the last summary blog there is still a lot to be worked on.

Playstation and gaming has always been a part of my life and i've spent a lot of time over the last year playing games such as Black Ops / Bad Company 2 and more recently, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. I can't remember if i've spoken about it on here before or whether it was just while commenting on another blog that I follow - Attitude Trader but i've drawn some comparisons between the two. The comparisons boil down to confidence and controlling of emotions once again but it's interesting to see how I deal with both. I play a lot of games in the evening to wind down from the day. If i'd had a particularly bad day trading then my online games were always incredibly poor as well and vice versa for a good days trading. It was fascinating to see how I was carrying my mood from trading into other activities as well.

In the last blog I referenced a thread on BigMikeTrading about support from loved ones. I'm happy to say that most of my immediate family are pretty supportive of me at this stage, they've realised that this is what I want to be doing so it's good for them to be supportive and ask how i'm getting on with things. I of course still talk to my Dad about it a lot and he is always helping me with the emotional and confidence side of things. If anyone is interested he has recently started a blog which he'll be contributing to over the coming year, there may be some great things that you can learn and apply to your trading;- Nu-Life-Coaching.

Nu Life Coaching

As well as my family supporting me i've also had a girlfriend for the past four months who has been very good to me with regards to support, confidence boosting and actually letting me sit in front of the screens all day when she has time off!

I'm also incredibly grateful to the amount of people i've befriended through the trading world who have helped me in so many areas of my trading over the past year, there were times when I really needed that helping hand and many people were happy to provide it. I'm very grateful for this as they sacrificed their own trading time to help someone else. It's a shame not everyone is like this! I've met people from all over the world and their kindness is unending.

My new years resolution involves less PS3 time during the trading week coupled with getting an earlier night. This will help me to be more focused during my trading days.

I must update my Live Trading Page over the next day as well to better reflect the areas i've traded.

Many thanks for reading and commenting throughout the course of the year. Happy new year to all. Hope it's prosperous!





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