Monday 12th September

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Took a long position on EU today. This trade wasn't trigger based per se, it was more along the lines of "pure VSA". As you can see from the 15min chart an up trend had been established from the early hours of this morning. I saw a No Supply type bar on the hourly chart and I felt there was enough buying in the background for this to continue for a little longer. I was correct in thinking this, but didn't manage to profit from it unfortunately. 

From my entry on the high of the NS to the high point of the day there was around 60 pips available. I placed my stop on the low of the NS which gave me a 45 pip stop loss. I moved to break even once I was up about 24 pips. I moved too soon and got taken out on a small retrace.

EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.3633, Stop @ 1.3588; P/L = 0

EUR/USD 15min

EUR/USD 1hr (Vertical line through NS)

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