Wednesday 22nd June

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Even though I was working this morning I managed to get some points on the board with a sell on Cable. Much like yesterday If i had let it run it would've hit a target and then some. Currently would be around 80 pips up. I didn't risk the usual amount as I was running out to work so just put a quick trade in before I left.

Trade 55 - GBP/USD - Sell @ 1.6246 Closed @ 1.62318 = +14.2

Cable 5min



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  1. Liam,

    Keep up the good work with your blog, i really enjoy reading your posts. It's a shame what has happened to malcomb's forexfactory thread . I was a casual reader and never really posted in the thread, but I'm 23 years old and trade VSA for a living and feel somewhat of a connection with you since we are similar in age. Let me know if you want to exchange some ideas/thoughts regarding VSA. Look forward to talking to you.


  2. Hey Greg,

    Many thanks for the comments :)

    Drop me an email at or add me on skype with the same address and we can chat.