Wednesday 24th November

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Had a very good day today. 1 successful trade, 3 successful calls. Going back to yesterday's post I mentioned there was a further set up for a sell on Loony. This hit it's proposed target during the night and has continued falling throughout the day. My sell price would have been 1.0237 and the low of the day is 1.0087, that's a 150 pip move. Pretty good! Unfortunately I wasn't in it because of that news announcement. That aside, it's a good set up that further supports my trading strategy.

Loony - 1hr

Loony - 20min

I also mentioned last night that Eddie was potentially strong, by the time I got up this morning it had moved down a bit further but on u-high volume (hourly), I saw a test/no supply bar on the 20min chart and set my order to trigger on the high of this bar.

Eddie - 1hr

Eddie - 20min

As well as this order I noticed a similar set up on the EUR/JPY chart, a wide spread down on u-high volume (hourly) this was also followed by a test/no supply bar on the 20min chart and I placed an order for this as well. Whichever triggered first would be my trade and I would cancel the other.

EUR/JPY triggered first and I was in a trade looking for 62pips to gain my 3%. The trade was triggered around 10:30 and profit hit around 13:30.

Trade 2 - EUR/JPY - Buy @ 110.83 - Closed @ 111.45 = +62

EUR/JPY - 1hr

EUR/JPY - 20min

In the mean time, Euro had also moved through my trigger number and reached what my profit target would have been; 50pips. Very happy with the day, really feel as though i'm starting to read the charts with a degree of competency. Today's trade also makes up for the loss on Monday. If I can get one more successful trade in before the end of the week that'd be good.





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