Monday 29th November

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As tends to be the case with a Monday it was pretty quiet volume wise until between 2 and 4pm. I was interested in a sell on Loony and a buy on Kiwi and whilst I was right I didn't get a signal to enter the trade. I placed an order on Eddie at around 4 which has since been triggered. The trade is still going and i'm currently in profit.

Trade 1 - EUR/USD (Eddie) Buy @ 1.3101 - Closed @ 1.3111 = +10

Eddie has been in a steady down trend for a while now so this trade could be considered a little risky, but there was enough volume on a down bar to make me think this could be a correction, at least short term.

Update; Tuesday Morning - Tried to update this last night but it wasn't saving. I closed the trade at around 22:40 with a 10 pip profit. It moved up and came within 6/7 pips of my target and dropped off. As I was still aware that it was in a down trend I thought this was the beginning of another leg down. I took the 10pips profit before going to bed. Woke up this morning to find that it would have hit my original target at around 1:30am. No matter, still made a small profit. Screenshots below, taken this morning.

Eddie 1hr

Eddie 20min



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