Monday 21st November

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Hello, long time no post!

Yesterday was the best day i've had trading since the 25th of May. It feels great to finally have a trade hit the target without me toying with it and coming on here to post or writing in my diary that "it would've hit the target".

Despite patting myself on the back and growing myself some confidence, I did learn one major lesson yesterday; Leave the fucking trade alone. 

I had to go out around half an hour after I set the trade yesterday. It was good to be out and about and not sitting in front of the screen monitoring. It got within about 10pips of my stop at one stage. I can say confidently that I probably would've manually closed the trade had I been sitting in front of the computer.

Also annotated on the chart is a short I could've taken but I was at work at the time.



EUR/USD - Buy @ 1.3476, TP @ 1.3523; P/L = +47



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